Sunday, July 6, 2008

whats in a gmat??

So that’s what GMAT is all about.

Four and a half hours of testing in front of a monitor. I am sure many of you are used to this situation, but what if there are brain-scratching questions in front of you instead of the social networking sites like orkut where you talk endlessly . And every second counts.

GMAT Facts

A MAX GMAT SCORE: Maximum score is 800, which is calculated after the actual score is computed.
B MORE Harder is your answer, the more question become harder: The GMAT follows Computer Adaptive Testing ( CAT ). The better you do, the harder the questions will become till you make a mistake. But you get more credit for answering harder questions.
C IMMEDIATE RESULT: Since the GMAT is taken on the computer, the scores of each section (except AWA) are almost immediately available.
D TAKES TIME: The Analytical Writing Assessment section is scored separately on scale of 1-6, with 6 being the best. You get this score only after 2-3 wks.
E Practice makes man perfect in gmat: Tried and tested methods in standard books can significantly improve your GMAT scores

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